What To Look for in a Cream?

The famous line written by Shakespeare, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”, explicitly describes the most important feature of your face. Your eyes reveal any emotion you may feel at any given time even without lifting a single muscle from your entire body. A blink, a sideways glance, a stern gaze, a sad lowering of eyelids gesture, an excited twinkling or a secretive cast-away-look are all dead giveaways . The eyes and the skin around them are the most delicate parts in your face where the first inevitable signs of aging will show. Evident signs of aging may come in the form of those dreaded wrinkles, the fine lines around your eyes that appear more visible every time you smile,  and puffy eye bags or dark circles under them. How dense those lines may leave traces greatly depends on your skin type, your genes and your lifestyle.

Fortunately at this time and age, remedies to these telltale signs are plentiful. The eye cream can prevent those unwanted lines from appearing. Finding the best eye cream can take so much of your time not only because of the numerous products to choose from but because of budget constraint.  Nevertheless, you are sure to be satisfied when you make the right decision to finally regain that youthful glow. So go, check yourself in the mirror now and examine what area needs your attention most.

Identify your problem areas.

Do you see fine lines and wrinkles?

Do dark circles make you look tired and old?

Are your eyes puffy?

Are those eye bags now sagging?


However they may appear, your goal should be to find the most effective product to treat those problem areas. The best eye creams are made with scientific ingredients called cosmeceuticals and common ingredients that are found in the best eye creams are haloxyl, argireline, and eyeliss. An all-natural eye cream treatment is what you will need. The skin area around the eye absorbs substances more rapidly than any area in your body, thus you should be careful and selective as to the kind of cream to put on. A good natural eye cream must have powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants slow down the signs of aging and are found in many fruits and vegetables as well. A little extra effort you may give will earn good results. Be patient in reading the list of ingredients which should include these nutrients extracted from plants and other foods. Also, a mixture of minerals and herbs with lutein and zeaxanthin which are found in many plants are major elements used in natural eye creams. Natural substances like; minerals, oils, honey, nuts are all a good source of antioxidants

Remember that your eyes deserve only the best, so be very selective.  Always read the labels indicating ingredients used in the product.  Do not just buy a product by a well known brand name. Even popular brands of eye cream may not be worth it. The key is to go natural. Avoid any product with ingredients you cannot pronounce. You may be surprised as to how much chemicals are put in some products.

Product constitution is also one factor to look in to. Some issues may not be remedied by the cream like those puffy eyes. Gels may work better for this particular problem because gels dry up quicker than cream. Cream mixtures usually have extra moisturizers that may even add more puffiness to your eyes. Puffy eyes can be caused by many different factors like fluid retention, stress, allergies, hormone changes, and more.  When you cry, your eyes become swollen thereby causing stress on your eyes. You may have heard of home remedies claiming to get rid of puffiness and yes they do, but the best way to treat puffy eyes in a therapeutic manner is to use the best eye cream your money can buy. An eye cream with ingredients such as rosemary and mint is best suited for this purpose.

Another important ingredient to look for in an eye cream is sun screen protection.  Do not be tempted to use a product that may have similar ingredients like facial cream.  The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive as compared to your facial skin. Only clinically tested eye cream products are safe to use. Regular face creams may not be tested for the specific eye cream functions at all. Also, most face creams contain oil fragrances or emulsifying ingredient that may irritate the eyes.

Customer Service of the Manufacturer

  • Your inquiries need to be addressed. How do they respond?  Do they provide insight, information, and make suggestions when asked questions?
  • Does the product reduce wrinkles?
  • Will those dark circles disappear?
  • Will eye puffiness be subdued?
  • Does it contain Antioxidants?

Keep in mind too that there is no miracle product that will completely eliminate wrinkles and bad circles and not all eye creams are created equal. Sometimes it is better to pay a little extra in order to get the results that you need. After all, it is your wellness that is at stake. Nobody else will be more than happy but you. And the windows to your soul deserve only the best!